Support Services

KOMAN Diversified Services, LLC offers its government clients a full menu of Base Operations and Support Services (BOSS) for land, air, and maritime bases.  KDS BOSS teams work closely with government managers and administrators to reduce the costs and increase the benefits of Operations and Support services, both in Collective Bargaining and SCA labor environments.  In addition, KDS can provide specialized services in/for secure facilities.  Services include:

man_power_plantFacilities Operations and Maintenance Services

KDS provides experienced Operations and Maintenance (O&M) project teams that coordinate the management, maintenance, repair, and renovation of existing government facilities, in all environmental conditions.  KDS crews are capable of maintaining and updating HVAC, electrical, plumbing, access/security, fire alarm/suppression, and vehicle-management systems.  They can perform the full range of grounds maintenance and landscape services, as well as janitorial and housekeeping duties.  In addition, they assist government managers in site planning, and they can perform limited horizontal construction (sidewalks, parking lots/ramps, taxiways, etc.) and building renovation/remodel.  KDS project teams have refined their O&M service procedures in severe environmental conditions, and can provide superior, cost-effective results from the equator to the North Slope.

Administrative Services

KDS Administrative Services Managers and Specialists provide expert services in the Financial, Human Resources, Information Technology/Communications, Risk Management, Printing/Graphics, and Clerical disciplines.  They also manage lodging services for facilities that house both Permanent Party and/or Transient personnel.  KDS Administrative Services teams are highly flexible and can perform as staff members or as consultants, or switch between the two, according to the client’s needs.  Each Project Manager is empowered to offer their customer a best-value solution to every requirement.

Logistics Services

KDS Logistics Services teams coordinate Material Management and Transportation services for their clients, including: Forecasting, Purchasing, Shipping/Receiving, Warehousing, Distribution, Inventory iStock_000003286035XSmallManagement, and local and long-distance Transport of personnel and material.  Project Managers are experienced with USG shipping/transportation requirements as well as with selected government Inventory Control programs.  Logistics Services Project Managers are able to reach back to KDS Program Managers, who are authorized to commit additional resources to ensure that customer requirements are met.

Student Services / Training Support

KDS Student Services teams and Training Support teams provide training institutions/divisions with general Administrative and Logistics services (see above), plus specific Distance Education and Classroom Support services. These services include the production and shipping of course materials, the acquisition and distribution of classroom supplies, the coordination of class schedules, test evaluation support, etc.  KDS Student Services teams work very closely with course administrators and faculty to ensure that they are equipped to deliver first-rate instruction, and to ensure that students have what they need to succeed.

In addition, KDS is capable of providing Training Management and Training Delivery services, under separate contract. (Contact the KDS General Manager for additional information.)